• FINANCIAL AND LEGAL STRUCTURING of all types of financial and corporate securitisation assets.

    The main services provided during a fund’s structuring process are:
    • Provisional portfolio selection and analysis
    • Participants selection in collaboration with the Originator
    • Fund Structuring
    • Negotiation with rating agencies
    • Determination of the agreed upon procedures to be reviewed by the Auditing firm
    • Review of legal documentation
    • Procurement of the Public body guarantees in sponsored programs
    • Prospectus registration process at the CNMV (Spanish Securities Market Agency) 

    The main tasks involved in this activity are:
    • Final portfolio selection to be securitised
    • When applicable, obtaining the guaranty from the respective Public body
    • Fund establishment and signing of all legal documentation
    • Assistance to investment banks in the underwriting
    • Securities underwriting and disbursement
    • Securities listing process 
  • MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION of the securitisation funds from their creation to their settlement

    The most significant responsibilities involved in this activity are:
    • Surveillance
    • Periodic supervision of the portfolio evolution and the income and expenditure cash flows
    • Legal covenants control
    • Supervision of the Servicer
    • Securities’ interest rate fixing
    • Calculation of available resources and their application in accordance with the Order of Priority of Payments
    • Preparation of investors reports and other reports for Public bodies, rating agencies, originators, etc.
    • Fund accountancy and bookkeeping
    • In general, all the rights inherent in ownership of the fund